Share Issue & Shareholders

All Shareholders are attached. We would like to thank all shareholders in Irvine Meadow for their great support.

IRVINE MEADOW CIC would like to invite interested parties to become a shareholder in their Community Interest Club.

This will safeguard Committee and Season Ticket Holders from personal liability, and being a Shareholder means that the supporters and new Groups will have a say in the running of the club when they purchase a share in the CIC.

The club pro-actively encourage supporters to purchase a share or shares, as we genuinely believe that that is the best way forward for our club, enabling it to thrive and prosper now and in the future, knowing that it is in the safe hands of its supporters and local community.

Since the club advised of the CIC more and more supporters have taken the opportunity to become shareholders, and now have a voice in how the club is run.

If you would like to own a share or shares in the club and have your say in how it’s run, and in addition also have access to the Club’s Annual General Meeting, now’s your chance to do just that.

The shares are priced at £50 each and can be purchased easily either in the full sum or by a pledge of payment, or in part payments or by Standing Order or cash pay in over 5 months.

To find out how to go about buying shares, contact the club on email for a shareholder form or further information

We are putting together a programme of Community clubs and events for local participation, and these will be run under the CIC but by their own separate Committees. We have introduced a Wednesday afternoon Club, various youth teams, projects to upgrade and redevelop the ground.

The club intends to have a large Community presence in the Local District and run frequent Initiatives for the Local and wider Community in general.

More information on our Community Programmes will be made public as they evolve, but a range of sporting and social groups have already indicated an interest and we have created 14 youth teams so far.

Irvine meadow CIC IS YOUR REAL COMMUNITY INTEREST CLUB. At the heart of our Community

New Groups are always welcome. For more information and for share issue form you can contact us below:

List of shareholders for Irvine Meadow CIC

List of Irvine Meadow Shareholders

Thank you to some of our new shareholders who have joined us since the start of 2020 including Gordon Bell from USA, Rory McLeod from Australia, Ally & Ashley Thompson, Ian Hay for his son Oliver. Ian is son of legendary Meadow goalkeeper Ian Hay who won the Scottish Junior Cup at Irvine Meadow.

Your support is all hugely appreciated especially at this difficult time during the pandemic.