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Irvine Meadow are pleased to recognise individuals who have ties with Irvine & Irvine Meadow who continue to follow or contribute to Meadow.

We have set up a dedicated page for individuals who follow us who are no longer local. We have followers from all over the world including United States, Australia, Canada and other places over the world. Comment to let us know where you follow Meadow from in the comments section below.

You can keep in touch with Irvine Meadow in various ways such as through our website, official Twitter Irvine Meadow Twitter, unofficial Facebook page Irvine Meadow Facebook, our official Facebook page Irvine Meadow Official Facebook Page and now via Instagram too Irvine Meadow Instagram

Followers of Irvine and Meadow from further afield may wish to check out the Irvine International Facebook page to find out about the current going ons in Irvine as well as some great old photos from the past in Irvine.

Follow this in the link below or search "Irvine International" on Facebook.

Irvine International Facebook

Current Shareholders From Further Afield

Douglas Gorman. Edinburgh ( Shareholder)

Carolanne Graham . Lake Forrest California ( Shareholder)

Iain McBurnie . Japan ( Shareholder)

Rory McLeod, Gold Coast, Australia (Shareholder)

Gordon Bell, Alabama. USA (Shareholder)