Share Issue & Shareholders

All Shareholders are attached. We would like to thank all shareholders in Irvine Meadow for their great support.

IRVINE MEADOW CIC would like to invite interested parties to become a shareholder in their Community Interest Club.

This will safeguard Committee and Season Ticket Holders from personal liability, and being a Shareholder means that the supporters and new Groups will have a say in the running of the club when they purchase a share in the CIC.

The club pro-actively encourage supporters to purchase a share or shares, as we genuinely believe that that is the best way forward for our club, enabling it to thrive and prosper now and in the future, knowing that it is in the safe hands of its supporters and local community.

Since the club advised of the CIC more and more supporters have taken the opportunity to become shareholders, and now have a voice in how the club is run.

If you would like to own a share or shares in the club and have your say in how it’s run, and in addition also have access to the Club’s Annual General Meeting, now’s your chance to do just that.

The shares are priced at £50 each and can be purchased easily either in the full sum or by a pledge of payment, or in part payments or by Standing Order or cash pay in over 5 months.

To find out how to go about buying shares, contact the club on email for more information, or by posting a cheque made payable to Irvine Meadow c/o Alistair McCall, 40 Annick Road Irvine, KA12 0JF or dropping  in payment to any committee member, it couldn’t be easier. You can also contact for a shareholder form or further information

We are putting together a programme of Community clubs and events for local participation, and these will be run under the CIC but by their own separate Committees. We have introduced a Wednesday afternoon Club, various youth teams, projects to upgrade and redevelop the ground.

The club intends to have a large Community presence in the Local District and run frequent Initiatives for the Local and wider Community in general.

More information on our Community Programmes will be made public as they evolve, but a range of sporting and social groups have already indicated an interest and we have created 14 youth teams so far.

Irvine meadow CIC IS YOUR REAL COMMUNITY INTEREST CLUB. At the heart of our Community

New Groups are always welcome. For more information and for share issue form you can contact us below:

List of shareholders are attached.

Irvine Meadow Shareholders @ 15.11.17

164: Stuart Hall.
1 Adrain George 42 Graham Carolanne 83 Mackie Fay 124 Pirie Jack
2 Adrain Gillian 43 Greenan Mark 84 Mackie JR (Ian) 125 Reid Robert
3 Aird Alan 44 Griffiths Christopher 85 Madden Kenneth 126 Ritchie Robert
4 Anderson Gary 45 Griffiths Laura 86 Malcolm Brian 127 Robertson Blair
5 Anderson Thomas 46 Griffiths May 87 Maxwell Graham 128 Robertson James
6 Anderson William 47 Griffiths Stewart 88 Maxwell James 129 Rodgers Billy
7 Bell R J 48 Hall David 89 McBurnie Iain 130 Rodgers Ian
8 Black Anne 49 Hands Stephen 90 McBurnie Keith 131 Rodgers Phyllis
9 Black Roy 50 Harvie Jim 91 McBurnie Murray 132 Rowan Marcus
10 Blackley Robert 51 Henderson Colin 92 McCall Alastair 133 Rowan Ryan
11 Blair William 52 Henderson William 93 McCallum Craig 134 Ryland Jimmy
12 Boyd Hugh 53 Hewitson Jim 94 McCleary James 135 Shannon Stuart
13 Boyd Sheila 54 Hogg Bert 95 McCreath Gordon 136 Sim Ainsley
14 Brown David 55 Hollas Nicholas 96 McCrum Gordon 137 Sim Allan
15 Caddis Tom 56 Hopkins Christopher 97 McCulloch Fergus 138 Sim Barbara
16 Cairns Taylor 57 Howat Andrew 98 McCulloch Jim 139 Sim  Andrew
17 Campbell Norrie 58 Howe Robert 99 McFarlane Karen 140 Sloan John
18 Clarkson Ian 59 Howe  Raymond 100 McFarlane Laura 141 Smallwood Marion
19 Conway Stuart 60 Howie Hugh 101 McFarlane Lyn 142 Smallwood Robert
20 Cowan I M 61 Inglis Krystyne 102 McFarlane Tom 143 Sommerville Graham
21 Cowan Robert 62 Inglis William 103 McInnes Jim 144 Stewart Samuel
22 Cowan William 63 Irvine Tom 104 McInnes Norman 145 Strain Hugh
23 Craig Alastair 64 Jeffrey John 105 McInnes Theresa 146 Swan Mark
24 Devlin Paul 65 Jeffrey Robert 106 McMaster Robert 147 Taylor Robert
25 Drennan Hugh 66 Kay Martin 107 McNally Brian 148 Thomas Robin
26 Duncan Gordon 67 Kerr James 108 McNally Jane 149 Thomson Cliff
27 Evans Anne 68 Kerr John 109 McNally Tom 150 Timpany Alexander Alfie
28 Evans David 69 Kerr Linda 110 McNeil James 151 Tremble Christopher
29 Fagan Ronnie 70 Kerr Matt 111 McPhee Robert 152 Tremble Robert
30 Fergus Ronnie 71 Kilpatrick Alex 112 McQueen Diane 153 Wallace Alan
31 Ferguson Darren 72 Kilpatrick Jimmy 113 McVey Colin 154 Wallace Neil
32 Frew Stephen 73 King Ian 114 McVey Patrick 155 Watt Graeme L.
33 Gaw David 74 Lamb Brian 115 Mitchell Lorraine 156 Watt Stewart G.L.
34 Gee Douglas 75 Lamb  Margaret 116 Mitchell Stuart 157 Weeks Ross
35 Gibson Robert 76 Lammie Ian 117 Morgan William 158 Weeks Ross
36 Giffiths Christopher 77 Lavelle John 118 Morrison Allan 159 Whannel Andrew
37 Giffiths Stewart 78 Lindsay Duncan 119 Muir  Jack 160 Williamson Jim
38 Given David 79 Lisett Harry 120 Nelson Brian 161 Williamson Jim
39 Goddard George 80 Logan John 121 Noble Jimmy 162 Wyper Jim
40 Gordon Andrew 81 Mackay Meg 122 Patterson Alan 163 Wyper Jim
41 Gorman Douglas 82 Mackie Alan 123 Pert Mearns
Stuart Shannon,
20 Nov 2017, 02:41