Medda Lotto

Winners List

GAME 1: - First Winners scooping a massive  £125 each after their 6 numbers came up over 6 weeks are C.Patterson and B.Martin.
Game 2:  TWO winners who will each receive £141 - Ian McQueen and Brian Hewitt!!
Game 3: David Given our first solo winner! His 6 numbers came up over 5 weeks. He scoops a massive £235!
Game 4:
Winner was Wullie Henderson whose numbers came up over 4 Saturdays.
He scoops £200 on January 5th 2013!! Nice January earner!
Game 5: Players waiting on 1 or 2 numbers. Get signed up for Game 6 due to start very soon.
Contact for more info!!
New Irvine Meadow Lotto has started up and anyone can join for only £1 a week with already 6 winners scooping over £700 already since it was launched.
The new game combines the weekly lottery with a game of bingo. You will choose 6 numbers at the start and these will be marked up as weeks go by. First to complete their card wins the prize that has built up.

You pick 6 numbers as you would in national lottery for just £1 a week and first person or persons with all 6 of their numbers coming up over period of  4, 5, 6 etc weeks in Saturdays national lottery will receive the cash prize that has built up. Each week at least £50 now goes in to prize pot and will increase with more competitors!!!

You can take as many lines a week as you wish, just £1 per each line. For example can take 10 lines for £10 to increase your chances of winning.

With numbers entered so far £50 to be rolled over every week and £50 to the club as we have 100 people in
the Lotto draw now!!

Get in this excellent lotto draw that  is a great way of not only making money for Irvine Meadow but with a bit of luck can win big money as first six winners have!!

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