Irvine Meadow Sportsman Dinner

Irvine Meadow Sportsman Dinner - Friday 19th April @
Volunteer Rooms, Irvine
Speakers: Scott Glynn, John Rowbotham & John McKelvie

Includes 3 course meal and excellent night is always had. Tickets only £30. Contact any of Meadow committee for tickets or drop us an email at for more info and booking.

Scott Glynn: Scott has over a decade experience at speaking at venues all over the world, from Dundee to Dubai, and has had the privilege of sharing top tables with sporting legends such as football's Sir Alex Ferguson, Walter Smith, Jim Leishman, Alan Kennedy and Nobby Stiles amongst others. So sit back, listen and enjoy tales of village life, sport, and everyday occurrences as seen through the eyes of Scott Glynn, one the funniest speakers around, and as he assures us ....... IT'S A TRUE STORY !

John Rowbotham: Even seven years after retiring from his role as one of Scotland's top referees John Rowbotham remains instantly recognisable.
Popularity has never been a strong point of football match officials, but somehow Rowbotham managed to make fans and players alike smile, an ability he has carried into his retirement as an after dinner speaker. As a former FIFA referee, Rowbotham has many tales to relate about the often strange world of international football, such as the variety of weapons he was shown confiscated from fans in Budapest. These included hammers, hand-cuffs and, bizarrely, a ships anchor!

John McKelvie will again head the night. John joined Lanarkshire Referees' Association in 1970 and has often been compared to World Cup referee Hugh Dallas - compared to Hugh Dallas he is brilliant! His refereeing career has seen him officiate at Scottish Amateur Cup Finals at youth and full amateur level.
John formerly worked Monday to Friday in the Police and refereed on a Saturday. He really looked forward to a Sunday as this is the only day that his parentage was not openly questioned.
Since 1998 he has been a regular on the after dinner circuit.
He is never blue and has a style which is comfortably anecdotal, incorporating humorous one liners.

Get your tickets asap, priced at only £30 for what is always a great night!!